Red Light Therapy: Beauty Angel

Restore your skin to its youthful brilliance with The Beauty Angel.  The smoothest and silkiest skin of your life with this sunless, Full Body Collagen Stimulator that jumpstarts the bodies own rejuvenation process.  And try it with the Vibra-Shape program on to stimulate your leg and back while you heal your skin! Try it by itself, or as a post tan treatment to shrinks pores, reduces fine lines and unwanted wrinkles and build healthy collagen.  Your skin will be glowing!  Click here to learn more about Red Light Therapy.

Infrared Jade Sauna

Sauna flyer.jpg

Enjoy the countless health benefits of jade stones and infrared heat with our Infrared Jade Sauna.  Let your mind relax while the sauna removes toxins and relieves unwanted pain and stress in the body.  Your muscles will feel as calm as ever while your heart rate begins to rise.  The Sauna's heat therapy system actively burns calories and improves skin quality.  With immune system benefits and anti-aging effects,  we recommend our Infrared Jade Sauna with any regular tanning regimen, or even on its own!  Give your body the therapy it deserves. To learn more, click here!


Infrared Jade Sauna