We offer 3 Levels of UV tanning, with lay down and stand up options at each level. No appointment necessary!

Diamond Level

Magic 636

This UVA high pressure system is the most powerful tanning system in the world (and also a customer favorite). Special filter glass blocks out most UVB (burning rays) for a deep dark  tan that will have you glowing. Get a great tan in 3-4 (10 minute) sessions. For even better results we recommend alternating Magic 636 sessions with the Prosun X10, Saturn, and our Luxura X10 to get your bronze maxed out! 

Magic636 2.jpg


The open design of the worlds most powerful UVA high pressure vertical (stand-up) tanning system is great for claustrophobic clients. It's unique filtered glass system blocks out most UVB for a gentle golden brown tan. Get a great tan is 3-4 10 minute sessions. For even better results we recommend alternating Saturn sessions with the Prosun X10, Magic 636 TurboPower 25000, and our Luxura X10. 

TurboPower 25000

The spacious 10 Minute TurboPower 25000. The combination of 15 high pressure lamps with our new "Xtreme Filter System" and 20 low pressure lamps ensures an exceptionally dark tan in only 10 minutes. Extra cooling has been added for an extraordinarily cool session. This is the ultimate hybrid combination of high and low pressure technology to give you the best of both worlds. We recommend alternating the TurboPower with our Magic 636 and our Saturn units. 

Platinum Level

Luxura X10

The Luxura X10 is the pinnacle of tanning excellence. High pressure facials with HPS technology, and a blazingly fast session maximum of just ten minutes. It comes with attractive features, such as the ContourPLUS comfort acrylic, and the SoundAround system with the MyMP3 personal audio device interface.  We recommend alternating the Luxura X10 with our Magic 636, TurboPower 25000 and our Saturn units. 

SmartVoice technology utilizes a set of prerecorded voice prompts to guide clients seamlessly through sessions.

Revolutionary ContourPlus tanning surface molds to the shape of the body, delivering the ultimate in customer comfort.

  • Fully adjustable integrated facial and body cooling

  • Interior LCD display timer

  • Qsens Cooling Mist

  • XSens Aromatherapy

Luxura V8

Delivering superior results in rapid 8 minute sessions, the V8 is alone in its class in addition to all the basic benefits of a tanning booth. For those who feel uncomfortable in tight spaces, the new design of the V8 makes it possible to leave the doors partially open while tanning.  A special ventilation system generates a refreshing breeze dispersed via the doors and ceiling creating the most pleasant temperature for head-to-toe tanning.

Gold Level

Luxura V6

The Luxura V6 is the perfect tanning booth for those looking to get that perfect golden tan at an affordable price.  With easy-to-open, space-efficient doors, and a user friendly touch screen that allows tanners to navigate tanning settings with ease, the SoundAround with MyMPG four-speaker audio system supports devices, allowing users to create fully customized tanning soundtracks. We recommend alternating the Luxura V6 with our Luxura X10, our Turbopower 25000, and our Magic 636 for that super dark long lasting color. 


The Lotus tanning bed by UWE features high pressure facial lamps, and with a total of 43 tanning lamps, the Lotus provides a beautiful golden color.  Tan times in the Lotus are a maximum of 12 minutes and the result is a wonderful mid-level tanning bed that looks great and is extremely reliable.  We recommend alternating the Lotus with our Luxura X10, our Turbopower 25000, and our Magic 636 for that super dark long lasting color.